Proposal to inspect all recent builds for fire safety labelled 'unrealistic'

There are calls for all buildings constructed in the past 10 years to undergo a fire safety audit.

It follows revelations that five newly-built schools need to be upgraded over fire safety concerns.

SIPTU said that a wide-reaching inspection of all buildings recently-constructed buildings is now needed.

Saying that the recent tragedy in Grenfell in the UK was a game changer for fire safety, divisional organiser John King said: "What Siptu are looking for, on behalf of our firefighter members, is that the Department would resource Local Authorities to conduct a fore risk assessment on all such buildings to ensure that they are up to the appropriate fire safety standards, to ensure the protection of life, to ensure that firefighters work in a safe environment.

However, Karl Deeter from Irish Mortgage Brokers thinks the proposal is not feasible.

"I think it's massive alarmism, it's completely unrealistic," he said.

"[Using] Grenfell Tower as an example to rate it against is deeply unfair - that was an horrific tragedy that took place in abuilding that is about twice as high as the tallest buildings we have in Ireland.

"Incidentally, one of the tallest buildings we have is actually the SIPTU headquarters, and I haven't seen them do that kind of assessment on their own place."

Karl Deeter


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