Pro Life Campaign: Tuam babies case 'at very early stage'

The Pro Life Campaign group says it is too early to say whether a criminal investigation should be carried out in relation to the Tuam babies scandal.

The bodies of hundreds of dead babies were discovered in a septic tank on the grounds of a former Mother and Baby Home in Co Galway.

Last night, the Sisters of Bon Secours, who ran the home, said its members would co-operate fully with any Government inquiry.

Some TDs have claimed the mass grave should be treated as a crime scene and a Garda investigation should be launched.

But the Childrens' Minister said it is not up to him to tell the Gardaí what they should or should not be investigating.

Cora Sherlock of Pro Life Campaign says the full facts of what happened should be established first, before deciding whether a criminal investigation is warranted.

"What I have heard so far are pieces of information and I'm not discounting any anything like that," she said.

"But what I want to do, and what I want to find out, and what I want to know, and what I think we all want to know is exactly what did happen and then we can go forward and determine what else we need to do - because at the moment we are talking at a very early stage."

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