Pro-Life campaign slams 'contradiction' in abortion poll

The Pro-Life campaign has spoken out against legislating for abortion in circumstances outside of the 'X-Case', as they say it could lead to abortion on demand.

The group have criticised today's Red C Poll arguing that a distinction needs to be made between medical treatment for the mother, which may result in the death of an unborn child, and abortion in circumstances where there is no threat to the mother's life.

Up to 85% said they would favour abortion laws in line with the 'X-Case' ruling where the life of the woman is at risk, including suicide, while 63% favour excluding suicide as a grounds for abortion.

Cora Sherlock, Deputy Chairperson of the Pro-Life Campaign, has said the poll results are not reliable.

Ms Sherlock said: "I think it's very clear that there is no basis for using this poll to claim that there is any sort of majority of people who want abortion legislation in Ireland, because the contradictions that are coming through in the poll are just too evident.

"It is too unreliable, there is a clear contradiction there, some people want legislation for X and some people want a referendum to amend X."

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