Priory Hall residents in bid to have mortgages frozen

Picture: CollinsPriory Hall

Residents at the Priory Hall apartment complex have requested a meeting with the Irish Banking Federation in the hope that the banks will agree to temporarily freeze their mortgages.

It comes as Dublin City Council is due to go to the Supreme Court on April 24, to appeal the High Court decision that the Council would be obliged to pay for temporary accommodation for residents of the Donaghmede complex.

Residents were put into temporary accommodation last October, after it emerged that their homes were unsafe to live in because of fire safety concerns.

"At the moment there is no work being carried out and the initial estimate to fix the place is €7.5m," said Graham Usher, spokesperson for the Priory Hall residents.

"Those funds don't look like coming from anywhere so at the moment it looks like Priory Hall won't e fixed.

"While we look for a long-term solution, we think that the initial step of getting the mortgages frozen is a reasonable first step to take."

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