Princess Anne tours lighthouses on visit to Dublin

The British Princess Royal has been shown around some of Ireland’s oldest lighthouses during a weekend visit to the capital.

The British royal family visitor travelled to Howth where lighthouses have guided ships at Baily since 1667, before taking in the comparatively younger 19th century Rockabill Lighthouse at Skerries and the Kish Lighthouse off Dublin Bay.

Princess Anne with chief executive Yvonne Shields O’Connor and chairman John Coyle of the Commissioners of Irish Lights (Robbie Reynolds Photography/PA)

Hosted by the Commissioners of Irish Lights, Anne met staff and heard about their work providing vital maritime safety services and modern navigation aids at its Dun Laoghaire headquarters.

She also toured the navigation vessel, ILV Granuaile during her two-day visit that began on Friday.

Anne at the Dun Laoghaire headquarters (Robbie Reynolds Photography/PA)

The Princess Royal was visiting in her role as Master of Trinity House as part of the ongoing 150-year relationship between Irish Lights and the Lighthouse Authorities of Great Britain and Ireland.

Irish Lights chief executive Yvonne Shields O’Connor said it was a “great privilege” to host the royal.

“Not only have we a strong historical relationship with Trinity House and Northern Lighthouse Board, we have an essential day-to-day working relationship and warm ties of friendship,” she said.

Anne was on a two-day visit to Dublin (Robbie Reynolds Photography/PA)

“I am honoured to have this opportunity to showcase the vital work Irish Lights does, in particular with regard to providing essential safety services through the use of modern technology in visual and electronic navigation aids, as well as our Met and Coastal Data services.

“While our work is progressive and forward-focused, we are also immeasurably proud of our rich heritage and we are delighted that the Princess Royal’s visit has also included a trip to one of the very first lighthouses built by Irish Lights in 1814, the Baily Lighthouse.

“The Princess Royal is a great champion of the maritime sector and we appreciate her visit as a source of encouragement to our own work and in terms of strengthening the bonds between the three lighthouse authorities.”

- Press Association

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