Pressure mounts on Keegan to allow Brooks concerts

Garth Brooks

Political pressure is mounting on Dublin City Manager Owen Keegan to allow all five Garth Brooks concerts to go ahead.

The Taoiseach intervened last night, encouraging all key players in the controversy to meet today with the chief executive of the Labour Relations Commission Kieran Mulvey.

The Government is said to be "keen to seek a positive outcome" given the effect the cancellations of the Croke Park gigs will have on tourism and the local economy.

The country star has also written a letter to Aiken Promotions saying he will proceed with all five concerts in Croke Park, if there's any chanceall of the shows can be salvaged.

The Transport and Tourism Minister Leo Varadkar has also offered to travel to Nashville to meet with Brooks, if this will help bring about a positive solution to the crisis.

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