Postmaster declares for general election battle

One of the first postmasters to run in the next general election has been declared.

Seona O'Fegan is to contest in the Galway West constituency.

The Irish Postmasters Union voted in favour of running candidates in the next election at their conference this weekend, saying their members were frustrated by the damage being done to rural Ireland by the Government.

The candidates will run as Independents, but will be supported by the 1,100 post offices across the country.

Barna Postmistress O'Fegan said it was likely the post office candidates would join forces with the Save Rural Ireland campaign.

She said: "We're hoping there will be other candidates who will be declaring over the next few months."

Ned O'Hara, IPU General Secretary, and postmistress Seona O'Fegan, who has a post office in Barna, spoke to Ciara Kelly on today's Right Hook.

Mr O'Hara said postmasters are frustrated "because they hear concerns from their community about what's happening in their locality. Postmasters are being asked 'is your post office being closed down? What's going to happen to it?'... It's not only a rural phenomenon, it's an urban phenomenon as well."

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