Posters of Dublin local election candidate racially targeted

A local election candidate in Dublin has been the victim of a racist attack.

People Before Profit candidate Memet Uludag had two of his election posters vandalised in Blanchardstown yesterday.

Large pieces of raw bacon were cellotaped onto his face in the posters.

Commenting on the incident Mr Uludag said: “When I spotted the objects on my election posters, I had a closer look. I was shocked with what I saw. Knowing from incidents in other countries, this was a clearly racially motivated vandalism.

“I called one of my campaign members and we took pictures. The vandal(s) obviously wanted to make very explicit and clear racist point. Obviously presuming I am a Muslim, they clearly chose the ‘bacon’ as a symbol of anti-Muslim hate.”

“Dublin 15 is a multi-cultural region with minorities from many different nationalities. An attack of such nature is in fact an attack on all minorities and it must be taken very seriously. I have been canvassing for over 6 weeks and I haven’t met anyone with racist sentiments”, said the candidate.

Mr Uludag, who is an Irish citizen and is originally from Turkey, has reported the incident to the Gardaí.

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