Population of Northern Ireland grew 0.64% in 12 months, figures show

Northern Ireland saw its population grow by an estimated 0.64% from mid-2018 to mid-2019, according to the UK's Office for National Statistics.

The estimated population of the UK has hit 66.8 million after growing at the slowest rate for 15 years, the official figures show.

According to the figures released on Wednesday, there was an estimated 66,796,807 people living in the UK at the end of June last year.

The population growth rate over the 12 months to the middle of 2019 was 0.5%, the slowest since mid-2004, the ONS said.

It said decreasing numbers of births and net international migration has contributed to the growth rate figure.

The figures reveal that England saw an estimated growth of 0.55%, followed by Scotland (0.46%) and Wales (0.45%).

It is the first time since the year to mid-2009 that Northern Ireland had a faster rate of growth than the nation in Britain.

The ONS said one of the main factors behind the faster population growth in Northern Ireland was the comparatively high level of natural change that was driven by a younger population (a median age of 38.9 years, compared with 40.3 years across the UK).

This has led to a higher number of births and a lower number of deaths.

By contrast, in both Wales and Scotland there were a higher number of deaths than births.



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