Popular ice-cream shop forced to shut after rodent droppings found

Rodent droppings were found in a number of premises inspected by the FSA. File photo: iStock

An ice-cream shop in Dublin was issued with a closure order last month after rodent droppings were found in its storage area.

The Food Safety Authority (FSA) felt there was a grave and immediate danger to the food at Teddy's Ice Cream shop on Dún Laoghaire harbour's east pier.

The inspector noted that there were rodent droppings in the storage area, which was “very poorly pest proofed”, and there was “disturbed rodent poison” scattered on the floor.

Inspectors issued four other closure orders during July along with two prohibition orders.

The Indian Prince restaurant in Portlaoise, Co Laois was told to close because it was unclean and did not have the correct rules in place to control pests.

The FSA inspector said that “food contact surfaces, floor, walls, ceilings, food equipment were all visibly filthy throughout” the kitchen and noted there were rodent droppings near open packages of food.

They added: “The serious lack of cleaning noted on inspection throughout the premises represents a grave, immediate and serious risk to public health”.

Rats were also an issue at the AIM Cash & Carry in Clondalkin.

Part of the premises was ordered to be closed after an open chocolate bar was found under shelving in the rear store and droppings spotted beside the partially eaten product.

A Londis shop in Cabra, Dublin 7, was ordered to shut its deli counter due to a “poor standard of cleanliness”.