Popular Christmas gifts in short supply, warns retail group


Retail Excellence Ireland has today warned of stock shortages leading into the final weekend, especially for “hot” Christmas gift products.

Retailers have warned Christmas shoppers not leave their shopping until the final weekend or they may miss out on their desired gifts.

David Fitzsimons, REI chief executive officer warned customers to "shop early especially for products which require consultation and advice - i.e. beauty, consumer electronics, footwear, fashion, telecommunications etc."

The retail group provided the following list of products that are selling quickly:

* Toys: “Password Journal”, “Furby”, “Monster High”, “Master Moves Mickey”, “Orbeez Foot Spa”, and being released for the third time ”Ninja Turtles”.

* Consumer electronic items such as tablets and e-Readers. Some retailers are reporting a 1000% increase in demand for tablets. iPad Minis have already run out in many stores.

* Box sets such as “Downton Abbey” and although not released yet “Love/Hate” may prove difficult to buy.

* Mid-range smart phones €99 to €150 are already in short supply.

* Games such as ‘Call of Duty’ and the new Wii U console are in high demand and short supply.

The group said that concern is also growing that postponement of shopping activity to the final weekend will create a major challenge for retailers who will struggle to serve this level of demand.

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