Polls show major backing for Michael D Higgins and boost for Fianna Fáil

Micheal D Higgins is on course to be comfortably re-elected, according to the latest Presidential opinion poll.

Another survey shows a rise in support for Fianna Fáil after the budget.

Almost seven in 10 people plan to vote for Michael D Higgins in the Presidential election, with the latest Behaviour and Attitudes Opinion poll for the Sunday Times putting the incumbent at 69% support.

The 930 people surveyed between October 5 and 16 put Seán Gallagher in second at 11%, Liadh Ni Riada has 7% support, Joan Freeman 6% and Gavin Duffy 4%.

Peter Casey's comments about Travellers do not seem to have endeared him to the public as he is last on 2% while he considers his future in the race this weekend.

Separately a Sunday Business Post/Red C poll points to a post-budget boost for Fianna Fáil.

The party is up 3% to 25% and Fine Gael remain unchanged at 33% ahead of Confidence and Supply talks starting next week.

Sinn Féin are up one to 15% with Labour down one to 5% and the Independent Alliance unchanged at 4%.

The lack of carbon tax in the budget may factor in to the Green Party doubling its support to 4%.

The Social Democrats fall two to 2%, with Solidarity - PBP dropping two to 0%, where they join Renua with no support in this poll.

Independents as a block are down one to 12%.

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