Poll shows falls for Labour and FF as 62% see no economic improvement

Micheál Martin's Fianna Fáil have dropped 3% in the poll.

Labour and Fianna Fáil have lost support according to the latest opinion poll to be published tomorrow.

The RED C survey for the Sunday Business Post also shows gains for Sinn Féin and Independents.

It also shows nearly two thirds of those polled say they see no benefit from any economic recovery.

Compared to the last poll at the start of May, Fine Gael's support is unchanged on 25%.

Coalition partners Labour - who have been garnering some publicity with the leadership election - drop four points to 7%.

Independents and Others gain three points to 28%, while Sinn Féin go up by four to 22% and Fianna Fáil drop three to 18%.

The poll also asked about the economy and 62% say they see no improvement for themselves from the economic recovery.

28% said they were struggling to make ends meet, with 14% describing their situation as "desperate".

Those who said they are living comfortably are more likely to vote Fine Gael, while those struggling say they are most likely to vote for Sinn féin.

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