Poll says 30% want govt to cut public service pay, but half of electorate is opposed

The majority of the public favour the government re-negotiating the Croke Park Agreement according to a new opinion poll.

The RED C survey for the Sunday Business Post shows gains for Sinn Féin and Fianna Fáil at the expense of Labour and Independents.

- 30% of voters believe the coalition should just go ahead and cut public service pay, with exactly half of voters opposed to such a move.

- 56% say the government should accept the union decision and try and re-negotiate the Croke Park Agreement.

- 54% want an easing of austerity by less spending cuts, but 68% believe if the government had any spare cash it should be used to cut taxes.

Meanwhile, this month sees only limited change in party support - Fine Gael is unchanged on 28%, Fianna Fáil goes up one to 25%, Sinn Féin go up to 16%, Labour lose another two to drop down to 11% and Independents drop one to 20%.

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