Police: Injuries to Comrie Cullen's husband were self-inflicted

The family of a woman from Co Down who was found dead near an isolated anglers' club in Sydney, Australia has appealed to the media to respect their privacy.

Thirty-nine-year-old Comrie Cullen, from Bangor, was found by a man who had been walking his dog.

A 50-year-old man with serious injuries to his arms and torso was arrested nearby.

He is believed to be Christopher Cullen, the woman's husband from whom she recently separated after a 15-year marriage.

The PSNI has issued a statement on behalf of Ms Cullen's family, appealing for no media intrusion.

The couple had three children aged five, seven and 11, who it is believed are being cared for by friends.

Sky's Australia correspondent Jonathan Samuels told New South Wales Police: "After finding her, (police) also found her estranged husband Christopher Cullen in a nearby wooded area," he said.

"He too had severe injuries - cuts to his chest and arms - which police believe were self-inflicted."

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