Police among three injured on third night of disorder in Derry

Two police officers and a member of the public have been injured in another night of disorder in Derry.

More than 25 petrol bombs were thrown during the sporadic disturbances in Derry’s Bogside area, with a car set on fire.

Three people were arrested, with police warning that more arrests would follow.

The area has witnessed trouble on three consecutive nights.

Over the weekend, youths from the nationalist Bogside launched attacks on the nearby unionist Fountain estate.

A number of older people living in the sheltered accommodation found themselves in the firing line amid a hail of petrol bombs and other missiles.

Earlier yesterday, around 100 residents from the Bogside held a rally to show support for Fountain residents.

They walked to the estate to demonstrate that the disorder was not in their name.

The PSNI condemned the latest night of trouble, which was centred within the Bogside.

“It’s criminal and anti-social – it’s time it stopped,” said a PSNI spokesman.

- Press Association & Digital Desk

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