Points requirement for many college courses set to rise, Leaving Cert students warned

Points for a range of college courses are likely to rise, with a record number of applications to the CAO, Leaving Cert students have been warned.

Leaving Cert students get their results tomorrow and almost 81,000 students are hoping to go to college.

Courses linked to the economic recovery are proving particularly popular with thousands flocking to architecture, engineering and technology.

Deputy president of the Irish Second-level Students' Union Cárthach Ó'Faoláin says it is an anxious time for many.

"The results won't change but the CAO points do change, that's the main thing about it,

"There's nothing you can do, it just depends on how many people apply for that course.

"So even if it's an easy course or a hard course, it's all supply and demand.

"Some people work very hard for a course, the point might drop completely, some people work very hard for a course and the points still might still go up - it's no joke."

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