Pictures emerge online of alleged reckless driving stunt in Cork

Pictures of two young men hanging out of car windows while allegedly driving in Co Cork have been condemned by hundreds of social media users, who said lives could have been lost.

The Evening Echo reports that pictures emerged on social media last night of a driver and his passenger hanging out the windows of a Toyota Starlet in daylight on a country road.

The pictures are believed to be taken in the Glanmire area, with another motorist taking the images.

The driver and his passenger faced a major backlash when Garda Checkpoints Cork Facebook and Twitter sites posted the pictures last night saying the teens were "playing a dangerous game".

The Facebook page is not run by the gardaí and it’s not known where they got the images from.

A garda spokesperson said that they were aware of the incident and would investigate the matter if a complaint was made.

Soon after the pictures were posted a Facebook user purporting to be the passenger in the pictures apologised for the stunt. He said he was remorseful for what he had done.

The images had been shared over 200 times by this morning.

County councillor for the Glanmire area, Noel Costello, said the incident had to be investigated by gardaí and prosecuted.

Mr Costello said: “These idiots not only endangered their own lives, which is bad enough, but also the lives of others.

“It is the middle of the day and all it takes is a split second for a calamity to occur. This behaviour is idiotic and moronic and it is hard to believe two young men could be so stupid.

“I would urge all road users to report incidents of this nature to gardaí immediately. We can’t tolerate such imbecilic behaviour.”

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