Pharmacist praised for giving life-saving Epi-pen to Dublin teenager

A Dublin pharmacist has been praised after administering a life-saving Epi-pen to a 17-year-old girl.

The young woman had entered anaphylactic shock on Grafton Street after suffering an allergic reacion to a chocolate drink.

Pharmacist Sarah Chambers gave the teenager, who had a rash and swollen lips, two adrenaline pens as they waited for an ambulance.

The girl has since made a full recovery.

The ability to administer the Epi-pen in first response situations was brought into legal effect by the Minister for Health in October 2015.

File photo.

Ms Chambers, who works at Hickey's Pharmacy on Grafton Street, said: "The patient explained that the last time she had an allergic reaction to nuts was when she was aged four.

"She displayed characteristic symptoms of anaphylactic shock including a rash and swollen lips and so we immediately called an ambulance. I then administered two adrenaline pens and stayed with her to monitor her condition until the ambulance arrived."

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