Peter Casey hits out at 'unprofessional, patronising and insulting' Ryan Tubridy

Peter Casey has claimed he was "set-up" in his Late Late Show appearance last Friday.

He claimed Ryan Tubridy behaved in an "unprofessional, patronising and insulting" manner during the interview.

Speaking from Mumbai, Mr Casey told Niall Boylan on Classic Hits: "The biggest challenge was trying to get my wife under control, she was so annoyed. She thought it was an absolute disgrace. She was fit to be tied.

"We [Casey and Tubridy] said we were going to spend maybe three to four minutes, but absolutely cut it off at four, on the traveller situation. I said that's fine and I want to make clear my position so people understand that I'm absolutely not a racist."

Mr Casey, who finished second to Michael D Higgins in the Presidential election, has been caught up in controversy over his comments about the Traveller community.

He criticised Mr Tubridy's handling of questions from the audience and his subsequent questioning during the appearance.

"I was surprised and taken aback. It shocked me to be quite honest. I really felt that he was supposed to be impartial and professional.

"I've no problem getting attacked by the audience. I'd people before telling me I should pull out because this had been a set-up."

When asked if he believed he was set-up, he replied: "without a shadow of a doubt".

"The way he was so unprofessional in how he behaved and very patronising throughout. He was insulting.

"It was such a big contrast to the reasonable, friendly person in the green room."

Mr Casey also said he plans to get a DNA test done "to see exactly where my ethnic background is" and if he has any connection to the Traveller community.

RTÉ refused to comment on Mr Casey's claims.

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