Permission to build mosque in Dublin appealed over traffic and noise concerns

Permission to build a large mosque in West Dublin is being appealed to An Bord Pleanala.

The appeal is over concerns about traffic congestion and claims a call to prayer would cause noise pollution.

A Dublin neurosurgeon, who is behind the project in Blanchardstown, is dedicating it to the memory of his family.

Dr Mohammed Taufiq Al Sattar's wife and children were killed in an arson attack in England in 2013.

He says objectors must not have read the application because there will be not be a call to prayer.

Dr Sattar said: "There is no music which is audible outside ever.

"We never intended from day one, when we had pre-planning meetings in 2013, we did not ever put in our application that there is ever any call for prayer outside."

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