Peregrine falcon shooting gives 'sport shooting enthusiasts a bad name'

A peregrine falcon. Picture: Richard Mills

Game hunters say they are outraged about the shooting of a peregrine falcon in Co Wexford.

The young bird of prey was shot down on one of its first flights at Ballynastraw near Enniscorthy and had to be put down.

The Parks and Wildlife Service is appealing for the public's help as the bird is a protected species, and shooting them is a criminal offence.

Des Crofton, director of the National Association of Regional Game Councils, said: "Who would do something like that? Somebody who has a firearm and who simply shouldn't have one - and somebody who is completely and utterly irresponsible.

"This is the kind of activity, and the kind of person, which gives the vast majority of good law-abiding, sport shooting enthusiasts a bad name."

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