People urged to talk about problems on World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day is being marked today with people being encouraged to talk openly about their mental wellbeing.

Suicide and self-harm charity Pieta House have launched the Time to Talk campaign with Lyons Tea, whose research has found nearly half of us have never talked about our mental health.

Brian Higgins, CEO of Pieta House, is encouraging people to talk openly about it.

"Well our message really is to try and encourage people to talk about mental health - but not necessarily talk about poor mental health - talk about mental health on the whole," he said.

"There are statistics that one in four of us will suffer poor mental health at one stage in our lifetime.

"So it's about being aware of our own mental health, being aware of when it is good and when it might not be so good and, I suppose, to reach out and seek help."

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