Patients tell of inappropriate touching at doctor's trial

A woman has told a court that she screamed and pushed her doctor away after he began touching her breasts inappropriately during a medical examination.

She is one of two patients who claim they were sexually assaulted after attending the clinic in north Dublin on separate dates in February 2013.

Both patients went to the clinic suffering from cold and flu-like symptoms and both claim they were touched inappropriately during their respective chest examinations.

The first alleged victim, who was 22 at the time, claims she opened a few of her shirt buttons but that he slowly opened another further down.

She said her left breast was exposed after he pushed her bra down and that he cupped it with his hand and began stroking her nipple.

The second woman, who was 49, made a similar complaint and she alleges that he also pressed his groin against her elbow and he seemed aroused.

The accused, a 37-year-old married father of three, who can't be named, denies the charges and said the only possible interaction with either patient's breast would be if the stethoscope came into contact with it while listening to a heartbeat.

The jury is due to hear closing arguments from both sides tomorrow.

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