Pathologist arrives to examine human leg found at recycling plant

Dr Michael Curtis

A member of the State Pathologists Office is at the scene where a human leg was found at a recycling centre in Dublin.

Dr Michael Curtis is to examine the limb which was found at 11.30pm last night at Thornton’s Recycling Plant on Killeen Road in Ballyfermot.

There are concerns that it may be medical waste.

Gardaí say the area has been sealed off as they carry out a technical examination.

Local Councillor Brid Smith says she is aware the plant does deal with some medical waste.

"They've a very, very limited licence to allow them bring any medical waste through the plant," she said.

"I'd be quite shocked if that was the case and the medical waste that I saw them bringing through in the past was from sealed containers, it wasn't something that you just throw it in a bin and there it is."

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