Paschal Donohoe urges unions to accept new public service pay deal

The Minister for Expenditure and Reform says the new Lansdowne Road Extension is a good deal that makes sense for the whole country.

Minister Paschal Donohoe has again urged unions to accept the new public service pay deal which he says is a fair and affordable programme.

Balloting will take place in the weeks and months ahead, and the Minister is hopeful of getting the deal through.

"Over a three-year period it offers a good plan in terms of how we want to manage wages for our entire economy and it makes really big progress on dealing with the issue of how we fund public pensions in the future," he said.

"Over that three-year period, I believe that this is a sensible and affordable plan which is why we are recommending it to the unions and I'll be taking it to Government tomorrow."

Paschal Donohoe


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