Partial removal of hosepipe ban possible next week-Irish Water

Higher than average rainfall has caused the hosepipe ban to be reassed. Picture: PA

The hosepipe ban may be lifted or partly removed next week after heavy rainfall recently.

The order was put in place on June 9 and was due to continue until July 21, after a period of very dry weather.

When introducing the hosepipe ban, Irish Water said it followed the driest May since 1850. 

In a statement explaining the decision, Irish Water said at the time: “The amount of rainfall needed to replenish supplies varies around the country and is site-specific however Irish Water estimate that a minimum accumulation of 100mm rainfall spread over a number of weeks would be required and normal rainfall levels after that before the threat to water sources would pass.”

But Irish Water now says many water schemes are no longer at risk of drought, due to above-average rainfall in many parts of the country.

Irish Water will meet Met Éireann and other organisations next week to review the need for the hosepipe ban.



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