Park warden suspended for ordering Muslim women to stop praying

Griffith Park, Drumcondra. Pic: Google Streetview

A Dublin park warden has been suspended after ordering two Muslim women to stop praying in Griffith Park, Drumcondra earlier this month.

Manguard Plus, which is contracted by Dublin City Council, has launched a full investigation into the incident.

Muslims are expected to pray five times a day and those who fail to do so are regarded in their community as non-believers or even sinners.

On Saturday August 10, two Muslim women were kneeling in prayer at Griffith Park in Drumcondra.

They were approached by a worker for Manguard Plus, which provides an out-of-hours parks service for the council, and were ordered to stop.

They claim they were told to stop to prevent the council being sued if they hurt their backs.

The worker was called into a meeting with his Managing Director this morning and admitted telling them to stop praying but denied the reason given.

A spokesperson for Manguard Plus has confirmed that the worker has been suspended pending further investigation.

The company is now eager to speak to the women who have yet to make a complaint against them.

Dublin City Council says it is aware of the incident but has yet to be approached by either party.

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