Parents plea for lost money that was to be used for son's surgery

The Kreicberg family. Pic: Ciara Wilkinson

Parents of a two-year-old boy who needs urgent dental treatment are asking people to check if they found a sum of cash in Ratoath, Co. Meath.

Emils Kreicbergs believes the money, gathered to pay for the dental procedure, fell from his pocket on Sunday evening as he walked home.

He and his wife Laura are heartbroken because the money was to pay for their son Rodrigo to have dental work as soon as possible to relieve the pain he is in.

“We were told that the waiting list in Ireland could be six months and we cannot leave him in pain for that long,” Laura said.

Rodrigo Kreicberg. Pic: Ciara Wilkinson

Rodrigo is in pain and they were told by doctors and the dentist that he needs four teeth removed.

He will need this to be done in hospital under a general anaesthetic because he is so young.

Unfortunately, Emils lost his job eight months ago so they are not able to pay for it to be done privately in Ireland.

“My family is in Latvia where we can get the procedure done privately for much less than it costs in Ireland,” he explained.

Here the cost would run into thousands but in Latvia it is several hundred. It means their little boy would not have to wait in pain or spend weeks, possibly months, on pain killers and antibiotics.

The couple are asking for anyone who found the cash, or who finds it, to make contact with them or hand it into the nearest Garda Station.

Emils believes he lost it between Auld Stand and Donnellys Car Park in Ratoath between 7pm and 9pm on Sunday.

“We are due to fly to Latvia tomorrow so we are asking anyone who finds it to get in touch straight away,” Laura added.

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