Parents group criticises teen 'beauty bootcamp'

A beauty bootcamp course for young girls in Dublin is being criticised by the National Parents' Council.

The summer school aims to teach teenagers how to apply make-up and deal with issues such as acne and sun protection in a week-long course costing €200.

The National Parents' Council (NPCPP) said the courses aimed at 13 to 16-year-olds could cultivate an unhealthy obsession with looks.

Among courses offered on their website is the 'Kim Kardashian Contouring Class' and a 'Teen Beauty Queen' summer course.

It also offers classes for those aged in their 40s and 50s.

Liz Dwyer, who runs the bootcamp, said it was about helping girls avoid the 'Kardashian gone-wrong' look and said the course teaches about skincare and grooming skills.

"We're not trying to glamorise these girls at all. We're just trying to actually teach them some basic grooming and make-up skills and intervene at an early stage before they start putting on lots of make-up wrongly, wearing the wrong shades, colours, too much of it - and perhaps even destroying their hair from hair dyes and so forth," she said.

The NPCPP said the "Bootcamp" would be better aimed at 18-year olds and older.

NPCPP president Don Myers said it would lead to girls thinking they must look done-up all the time.

"Parents are entitled to put their kids into any course they want," he said. "The objection here is that this may tend to spread where young girls may get into this habit and set a standard in schools of make-up and hairdos."

Liz Dwyer countered: "When I was in school, we got education in this, and it's gone from most school these days. A lady would come in every week and taught us different elements of deportment, skincare, haircare etc."

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