Pacteau appeals length of 23-year-minimum sentence

The man who murdered Irish nurse Karen Buckley in Glasgow has made an appeal against the length of his minimum 23-year life sentence.

Alexander Pacteau (aged 21) was given a minimum 23-year life sentence for the murder of Karen Buckley.

The precise nature of the grounds of appeal is not yet known.

It is understood Pacteau will seek leave to appeal before the High Court. If that is granted he will appeal the sentence before the Court of Criminal Appeal in Scotland, a process which could take several weeks.

Pacteau pleaded guilty to murdering Ms Buckley in his car, after giving her a lift in his car outside a Glasgow nightclub in April.

Her disappearance sparked a city-wide manhunt which culminated four days after she disappeared when her body was found on a remote farm.

Pacteau's sentence was backdated to April this year, meaning the earliest he will be released will be in 2038.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Mr Pacteau will be moved to the newly refurbished high-security Shotts Prison following threats from other inmates at Scotland's largest jail, Barlinnie, where he was first incarcerated.

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