Packie Bonner named among recipients of Tipp O'Neill award

Donegal is honouring its own today with an award for some of the county's best ambassadors.

The Tipp O'Neill award is being given to football legend Packie Bonner, academic Marty Meehan, businesswoman Barbara Koster and entrepreneur Frazer Doherty.

The annual honour goes to people with Donegal links, who have supported the Irish community abroad.

Michael Tunny from Donegal County Council says the Highland County really values its Diaspora around the world.

"One of the key things is just, I think, reaching out and making contact, and maintaining that contact, and getting our message out as to what's happening at home to our Diaspora, but also getting messages back to them as to where they're at and what they want us to do on their behalf," he said.

Packie Bonner


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