PAC seeks legal powers to compel former Rehab bosses to appear

The Public Accounts Committee is to take the unprecedented step of seeking legal powers to force two former Rehab CEOs to appear.

The committee is to seek the powers of compellability to secure the attendance of Frank Flannery and his successor Angela Kerins.

The decision comes after lawyers for the two former chief executives told TDs they still had reservations about attending.

Frank Flannery and Angela Kerins have

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accused the PAC of "a gross abuse" of their position and knowingly acting outside the law — warning there will be "grave consequences" if the inquiry continues.

In two separate legal letters sent to the PAC last night — hours before a two-week deadline for them to willingly attend runs out, meaning they will now be “compelled” to meet with the committee — Mr Flannery and Ms Kerins said they have been the subject of an illegal “witch-hunt” and “personal vendetta”.

The committee's chairman John McGuinness said the committee did not bear personal grudges against Rehab or its former chiefs.

"We have a job of work to relation to the spending of public money," he said.

"We have a right within our remit to pursue to €95m and how it is spent…it's as simple as that."

The PAC was told that Rehab received €95m from the State last year, equal to more than half its total income.

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