Overcrowded courts don't have resources to deal with some childcare cases, says group

The Child Care Law Reporting Project is calling for legislation to be passed to set up a dedicated Family Court.

It has just released a national survey of child care cases in District Courts showing the need for one to be set up.

The group is expressing concern over the volume of cases dealt with by some courts.

In one court, there were 139 cases listed in a single day.

Child Care Law Reporting Project Director Carol Coulter says overcrowding is a major issue.

"The main finding is that certain courts are very, very overcrowded and therefore they don't really have the time and the resources to deal properly with some childcare cases," said Ms Coulter.

"Judges are very overworked. There is a crying need for a family court at this point which has been asked for by various entities for at least 20 years."

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