Over half of Irish adults expect to short-changed this Christmas, says survey

Over half the population saying they give more than they receive at Christmas, according to a new survey.

New nationwide survey carried out by Amarach reveals how generous Irish people believe they are at Christmas.

According to this research, commissioned by Circle, the free social payments app, Irish adults calculate they lose out by an average of €247 across various festive scenarios including pub rounds, Christmas parties, group presents and the forgotten gift cards.

Men claim to be more left out of pocket (€275) compared to women with (€222) with those aged between 34-44 standing to lose the most money.

On average, Dubliners are left short-changed the most with the average Dub claiming to lose out to the tune of €270.

Over half of respondents (52%) feel they spend more on presents they give, than those they receive, with €116 being the average perceived difference.

Respondents over 55 years of age claim the biggest difference of €143. Sixteen-to-24 year olds feel they lose out the least (€67).

Some 56% of women feel they spend more on presents they give, than those they receive in return.

The survey revealed that over the Christmas festivities, the average Irish person loses €55 on pub rounds and €81 on Christmas meals out.

Men in particular claim to be left short in pubs and restaurants whether it is friends or family who dodge their round or do not pay the party organiser their restaurant deposit.

Those who plan to share the cost of an expensive present can stand to lose €109 on group presents where not everyone who signs the card contributes their share of the cost.

A third of respondents admitted they have met this fate with nearly half of 16-24 year olds (49%) left short.

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