Over-65s account for 90% of coronavirus deaths recorded in Ireland

Those aged over 65 make up 90% of Covid-19 related deaths, according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

The CSO published a detailed breakdown of Covid-19 deaths and cases in Ireland on Friday.

It found almost 92% of Covid-19 deaths were among the over 65s up to May 15.

This older age group also accounted for more than 26% of all confirmed cases of the virus.

Further analysis found that 14% of all confirmed cases are people aged 80 or older despite only making up 3% of the population.

At its peak, 270 people died in the week ending April 17 while there was a high of 6,049 cases that week.

This had fallen to 65 in the week ending May 15, the lowest since the end of March.

More men have been confirmed dead from Covid-19 than women (670 deaths compared to 617) even though more women were diagnosed as a confirmed case than men (13,694 women compared to 10,170 men).

Meanwhile, the Cabinet is meeting on Friday to discuss whether people travelling to the Republic of Ireland will be legally obliged to tell the State where they plan to self-isolate after arriving into the country by plane or boat.

The plan would see travellers become legally required to fill out a locator form.

An official announcement on the plan is expected later on Friday.

Ireland’s tally of daily new coronavirus cases has fallen below 100 for a sixth day in a row on Thursday.

The death toll has risen to 1,583 after a further 12 deaths were announced by the National Public Health Emergency Team.

There were 76 new confirmed cases of the infection, bringing the total since the outbreak began in Ireland to 24,391.