Over 1,000 bankers earning €100k or more

Michael McGrath

Some 1,065 of the country’s top bankers in AIB, Permanent TSB and IBRC are earning basic salaries of over €100,000, according to Fianna Fáil finance spokesperson Michael McGrath.

The figure was revealed by Finance Minister Michael Noonan in response to parliamentary question tabled by Deputy McGrath.

“The figures reveal that a total of 861 employees of AIB earn a basic salary of at least €100,000, with 57 of them earning over €200,000," Deputy McGrath said.

"143 employees of IBRC (formerly Anglo Irish Bank and Irish Nationwide) enjoy basic salaries over €100,000.

"Given that these are all State-owned banks who owe their very existence to the State, I believe it is only proper that this information is made available to Irish citizens," Deputy McGrath said.

“These salary levels have been confirmed against the backdrop of thousands of ordinary bank employees facing redundancy over the coming months," he added.

"Despite the substantial pay cuts that have been imposed on the public sector and in many parts of the private sector, the country’s top bankers have remained immune from the effects of our economic problems.

"Incredibly, there have been no reductions in basic pay across the main Irish banks despite the devastating impact they have had on the economy."

Deputy McGrath called on Minister Noonan to complete an ongoig review of bankers’ pay "so that we can get a handle on what would be an appropriate salary range to reflect the new banking landscape that is emerging and the economic reality in Ireland in 2012".

Bank of Ireland has yet to supply remuneration figures.

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