'Out of the woods': Forecasters say no storms for a few days; 60,000 without power

Less of this then…

Sixty thousand ESB customers remain without power today as crews continue to repair faults after Wednesday's storm.

However, in a statement that will prompt signs of relief all over the country, forecasters have said "we're out of the woods in terms of stormy weather", at least for a few days.

The ESB warned that electricity may not be restored fully this weekend, and has published a list of expected restoration times in villages and towns currently without power.

Further rain is expected throughout the country today with a risk of spot flooding. However, Joanna Donnelly of Met Éireann said the weather would be nothing like as extreme as in recent days.

"Winds should ease down quite considerably as the day goes on. Although cold, it certainly shouldn't be stormy," she said.

"There will still be a few showers around, indeed on Sunday too, but the weather is really going to settle down now for a couple of days.

She said it would be cold tonight and tomorrow night but, "for the time being, we're out of the woods in terms of stormy weather".

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