O'Sullivan elected as Cork West count continues

By Noel Baker

Fianna Fáil's Christopher O'Sullivan has been elected in Cork West on Count 13.

The 225 surplus votes of party colleague Noel O'Donovan, elected on count 11, pushed him over the line.

Another 60 votes went to FG's Mary Hegarty and 80 to FG's John O'Sullivan.

However, in the latter case it may be a case of too little, too late.

Independent Finbarr Harrington was eliminated, with his 1,933 votes to be distributed.

That is likely to favour another independent, outgoing Cllr Declan Hurley, currently occupying eighth place, ahead of John O'Sullivan by 195 votes.

With almost 2,000 transfers to play for almost anything could happen, but candidates such as Hegarty and Sinn Féin's Paul Hayes will feel confident they will win seats in the eight-seat area.

Earlier, the distribution of 241 surplus votes from Joe Carroll on the 11th count in Cork West made little material difference.

O'Sullivan took 77 of the surplus votes and Fine Gael's Mary Hegarty 73.

Michael Collins topped the overall poll.

Earlier, winning duo Carroll and O'Sullivan were in a strong position from earlier counts, benefitting from transfers from Adrian Healy of Fine Gael, who had been eliminated on the 10th count.

That it took until 7.40am gives some idea of the scale of the 19-strong field and the arduous nature of the count.

O'Donovan, at 25 the youngest candidate in the division, said the strong showing of his party in the area had "restored my faith in politics".

11.30am UPDATE: Independent Cllr Declan Hurley and Sinn Féin's Paul Hayes has been elected.

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