O'Sullivan: Decision on Junior Cert reform 'is my responsibility'

The Education Minister Jan O'Sullivan says it will ultimately be her decision to give Junior Cert reform the go-ahead.

The ASTI and TUI executive councils are meeting this morning to decide if they will accept a compromise plan put forward by Dr Pauric Travers.

It would see the Junior Cycle split into two parts and graded separately, with one section marked by the State Examinations Commission and the other by teachers.

Minister O'Sullivan says she has sent a letter to Dr Travers indicating she will accept the proposals if the unions do.

However, she says she will be the one to decide if the reform goes ahead.

She said: "I came in as a new minister, I listened to all of the various interests in this. The teaching unions were the only ones who had a strong objection to the proposals.

"I wanted to hear what they had to say, I wanted to see if we could adress their issues.

"But ultimately, it is my responsibility as Minister for Education and Skills to move forward with the policy. We want to do it with the co-operation of teachers and I await their response today and I hope that we will be doing it with the co-operation of teachers."


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