O'Rourke: Banking Inquiry 'is Hamlet, without the prince'

Brian Lenihan.

The family of the late Brian Lenihan could be given the right to represent him at the Oireachtas Banking Inquiry.

However, it is understood they will only be allowed to appear if there is reason to believe the former Finance Minister has been misrepresented by others.

Inquiry sources have said the public is free to write in and raise concerns about the evidence given by others, and that further hearings can be organised to hear any contradictory claims.

Brian Lenihan's aunt, Mary O'Rourke, says it is only fair that the inquiry hear first-hand memories of the former minister's actions.

She said: "The whole inquiry now is mostly going to be about a central character who, without sounding macabre, can't be there. It is Hamlet, without the prince.

"If it's going to be talking about dealing with him (Brian Lenihan), attributing to him, if necessary we wish to be able to give our memory and our advise to the committee."

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