Order restored after overnight clashes between families in Finglas

A tense standoff between feuding Traveller families in Dublin has passed off without any further violence.

Gardaí have said that they will continue to monitor the situation.

Armed officers were dispatched to the scene this morning after tensions spilled over following overnight clashes.

A fleet of Garda patrol cars and a small group of armed officers raced to the Avila Park halting site in Finglas, north Dublin shortly after 7.30am this morning.

They were responding to calls for back up after fighting resumed between the feuding families.

Last night, armed officers and the Garda air support unit were dispatched to the scene after violence broke out on the streets.

One man was taken to hospital with head injuries.

The situation seemed to be under control until tensions spilled over again this morning.

A large group of men armed with pitchforks and crowbars took to the streets and another gang tried to gain entry, but were pushed back by Gardaí.

The main road leading into the estate was closed to traffic for a time but has since reopened.

The Garda operation was gradually scaled down and peace has been restored for the moment but the situation will continue to be monitored.

The motive for the outbreak of violence remains unclear this afternoon and it is still not known if the injured man has made a complaint to Gardaí.

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