Opinion polls show opposing results for Government parties

There is mixed news for the Government this morning, with the publication of two opinion polls.

The Red C Poll published in the Sunday Business Post shows the Coalition parties losing five points.

However, a Milward Brown survey in the Sunday Independent shows Fine Gael and Labour combined gaining six points.

The Sunday Independent's Political Correspondent Daniel McConnell says the exit from the bailout and a more positive outlook is having an effect.

According to an opinion poll in today's Sunday Business Post, the positive effect of exiting the bailout is waning,

Political Editor with the Sunday Business Post Pat Leahy says the Coalition's pre-Christmas boost has dropped.

He said: "After positive economic date, the Government parties did well in the polls up to Christmas, that reversed a trend which we'd seen for a couple of months which was very negative for the Government parties.

"I think they took a lot of solace from that, particularly the Labour Party.

"Now they've started the New Year, the glow of that has faded, the memory of the exit from the bail-out seems to have receded."

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