One third of racist incidents 'taking place in work or school'

Denise Charlton, from The Immigrant Council of Ireland

Sixty-seven incidents of racism have been reported in the first three months of the year, with students and workers the worst affected.

Almost a third of the reported racist incidents occurred in the workplace or in classrooms.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland said 40% of new cases related to verbal harassment, while 15% involved physical violence.

The Immigrant Council of Ireland

Denise Charlton from the group said schools and colleges had to work harder to ensure racism was removed from their premises.

She said that one of the worrying things about the figures was that so many of the incidents took place in work and in classrooms, "two of the places we often assume will be safe and free from racism, discrimination and abuse".

Denise also said more people were coming forward due to a better awareness of the problem.

"I think here's more awareness," she said. "What we know (from our work) is that when you provide an opportunity, people will report if they know that it's safe and confidential."


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