One in ten eat takeaways once a week

A tenth of the population has a takeaway or fast food at least once a week.

A new survey by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) highlights our over-reliance on convenience food.

This research provides an insight into our food habits.

It shows that 84% buy ready-to-eat or pre-prepared food from the supermarket with over a third buying convenience food at least weekly or more frequently.

Over one in ten people use fast food chains or independent takeaways at least weekly.

Consumers have admitted they demonstrate risky behaviours in relation to food handling at home.

Over 70% of people have eaten food past its "use by" date.

Just over six in 10 leave leftovers to cool out of the fridge overnight with nearly half the population storing food in the fridge without any wrapping.

The survey results were shared as the FSAI launched its vision and a new strategy for the next five years.

"2019 marks twenty years of tireless work by the FSAI in promoting food safety and protecting public health," said Minister of State with responsibility for Health Promotion, Catherine Byrne TD.

I am confident that through their new five-year strategy, they will continue to build on this work, protecting the consumer and strengthening Ireland’s position as a leader in food safety and integrity.



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