One in ten break mobile phone traffic law

One in ten Irish drivers continues to break the law, by using their mobile phone while driving.

Easytrip monitored more than 1000 cars during peak commuting times, and found that more than 10% used their mobiles.

Of that ten percent, more than half (53%) were texting or checking their phones while driving or stationary at the lights, and just under half (48%) were speaking on their phones.

Men were almost twice as likely to use their phones (63% compared to 37%), and men were more likely to be talking, than women, who were more likely to be texting.

The survey also showed a significant number of truck and van drivers, mostly male, were talking on a hand-held phone while driving.

Using a mobile phone to type while driving carries a mandatory court appearance, while holding a mobile phone while driving will result in three penalty points - or five on conviction.

In a separate survey carried out by uSwitch, it was found ease of use and battery life are more important to users than things like 3D graphics, fingerprint ID and curved screens.

More than half of people reported never using their phone's voice-control software.

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