One in 40 living in Dublin is a dollar millionaire

One in forty people living in Dublin is a millionaire - in dollar terms.

That's according to a global study published in British magazine Spear's in cooperation with wealth consultancy company WealthInsight.

Monaco, where almost a third of the population are millionaires, tops the poll which looks at a person's net wealth excluding their family's home.

Zurich and Geneva came in second and third, with New York and Frankfurt in fourth and fifth places.

London has the sixth highest percentage of millionaires of any city, with 3.39% of its population a millionaire or above. There are a total of 281,000 millionaires based in the city.

Dublin has the 13th highest percentage of "millionaires", with 2.4% of the population in this bracket. However, when converted to euro, their cash piles amount to just under a mere €750,000.

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