'One fine day' expected by Met Eireann

Get the shades out and prepare to bake, because temperatures are to hit 21C today.

Met Eireann has described today as a dry and mostly fine day with good sunny spells.

Sounds good to us!

Temperatures are to hit 18-21C in the West with rest of the country seeing highs of 13-16C.

Tonight is expected to be cool and dry with chances of mist and fog developing before dawn.

Tomorrow is thought to be another dry, bright and sunny day, but have your jacket handy because there will be the odd spot of cloud as well as some light winds.

Temperatures are to hit 16-19C with the east and southern coastal areas likely to get a more moderate heat of 12-14C.

The stretch of good weather is to continue into hump day which will hopefully make things easier for the daily grind.

Temperatures, which will be around 16-19C or 13-14C around the south and east coast, are likely to be affected by light winds which are also expected.

The brief spell of sun is then likely to finish up for now, with Thursday's forecast including mentions of showers and rain, although sporadic and light.

Friday is described as cool and fresh but also has some mentions of rain and cloud.

The general synopsis seems to be make the most of the good weather while you can, so take your lunch outside and spend your evening in the garden to stock up on some much-needed vitamin D!


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