Officials to discuss reduction of lanes on Dublin’s north quays

Dublin’s north quays could be reduced to one lane for cars in a radical new traffic plan.

Proposals being put forward would see a new two-way bike lane replace one of the motor vehicle lanes.

The head of the city council is aiming to increase the number of bike journeys by 4% by the year 2020.

The Director of Consumer affairs at AA Ireland, Conor Faughnan, says it feels more like a brainstorm idea for the moment and any plan would need to do more to help overall transport.

"It has to be properly designed - there's a lot more to a cycle lane than a tin of white paint and a stencil of a bicycle on the ground," he said.

"The cycle lane has to be actually safe and secure, has to give cyclists priority at junctions, and enable them to flow - and I'm just not sure that this does any of those things."

"What I would be sceptical of is that … it's as much a virtue in this that it takes away a car lane as opposed to providing a lane for cyclists."

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