O'Brien not entitled to apology, says journalist

An Irish Daily Mail journalist who Denis O'Brien has accused of defamation has told the High Court today that the businessman is not entitled to an apology.

The Digicel chairman is suing over an article published by the newspaper in January 2010, following the earthquake in Haiti.

Paul Drury's article appeared under the headline 'Moriarty's about to report, no wonder Denis O'Brien is acting the saint in stricken Haiti'.

The Irish Daily Mail journalist denies the column which refers to the businessman as the "all too willing star of the international aid effort" is defamatory.

Under cross examination, he said that he doesn't agree that the piece means everything the businessman has done in Haiti has been self-serving.

He says the Digicel chairman was offered a carte blanche right of reply to the piece, but opted for the protracted legal route adding: "For a wealthy man, it's quite easy to throw a vast array of lawyers at a High Court case'.

A verdict is expected tomorrow after the jury hears closing speeches from both sides.

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